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The Power Of A Simple Purchase

The Power Of A Simple Purchase

by Katrina Brickley, Communications


From T-Shirts To Banking

Increasingly, people are asking more questions before spending and investing their money. They know that the exchange of money for a product or service is shaping the future of commerce, perhaps leaving undesirable or outdated practices behind.

More consumers are wanting to know what a business will do with their money as they become more aware of the interdependence of the real economy, social cohesion, and our natural eco-system. And it’s no wonder that we are using the pocketbook as a voice to design the future we’d like to see.

Why Research Matters

Before buying something as simple as a t-shirt, for example, do some quick due diligence. With your personal values in mind, go to the company website to get an idea about the values of the leaders behind the business. Will the t-shirt company reinvest some of the profit from your purchase into improving the lives of their employees, customers, or community? How is the product made, packaged (biodegradable, recyclable, plastic), how can the product be disposed of later? Where are is the company located?

Then go deeper: Who does the company fund? What are they actively doing to reduce its carbon emissions? Some quick research will help you make more informed decisions before handing over your money.

By finding suppliers that mirror your values, you’ll feel good knowing that you are supporting forward-thinking folks and you will know that you are making positive contributions for a better environment.

How You Influence Economy

The power is in your hands. Whether buying items or using a financial institution, the premise is the same. Commitment has its place in the way we design our property and use our vehicles, too. We have the opportunity to build a community that is advantageous to our needs while creating a cleaner, brighter world.

Based on twenty-five years on careful analysis Napoleon Hill wrote, “Capital consists not alone of money, but more particularly of highly organized, intelligent groups of [people] who plan ways and means of using money efficiently for the good of the public. Properly used, it is the most important essential of civilization.” This statement was declared in the book, Think and Grow Rich in 1935 and still rings true today.

You Have Control Over Your Money

From t-shirts to banking, you can contribute by placing your money with people who will do their part to create a better future for you and others. We ask you to join us in calling people in, not calling them out, by simply putting your money in businesses that invest in practices that align with your values.  

What promises can you make to yourself? Think about why it’s important to support, or not, the things that bring you closer to your belief system, and the change you want to see in the world. Recognize you’re happier when you’re comfortable with your choices. 

By connecting your values to daily decisions, you begin to notice you’re living authentically. Something about that feels right. Using your money as your voice may not be easy, nor perfect. Then again, nothing worthwhile ever is.

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