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If you use solar, you are saving water. Here’s how.

If you use solar, you are saving water. Here’s how.

How is it possible that by using clean energy, one is playing a role in saving water supplies?

Many people don’t make the connection that clean energy via wind and solar arrays require essentially no water to operate and don’t pollute water resources or strain supplies by competing with agriculture, drinking water, and other important water needs.

According to, wind, solar, and hydroelectric systems generate electricity with no associated air pollution emissions. Geothermal and biomass systems emit some air pollutants, though total air emissions are generally much lower than those of coal and natural gas power plants. Although renewable facilities require upfront investments and materials to build, they operate at a low cost. As a result, renewable energy prices are more stable and affordable than older, traditional energy facilities.

So add more clean water to your list of defending clean energy. Water will be added to the list of reduced greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels, and a reduction in some type of air pollution. Special accolades to quality of life in good health and ultimately saving money.

Cheers, friend! I raise my glass to all of you who embrace the many benefits solar provides.


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