Our Story

Our Story

Small Steps.
Big Change.

Why greenpenny?

Where you bank matters. Money deposited in greenpenny is secure, earns interest, and is only used to finance renewable energy projects, starting with solar. Greenpenny is designed to be a form of crowdfunding for the advancement of clean and renewable energy.

Customers access easy-to-use, hi-tech online and mobile banking platforms, yet we are just a phone call or chat away for extra care. And no ATM withdrawal fees worldwide – ever! Deposit services are FDIC Insured and available for people across the nation.

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Doing Our Part

Greenpenny aspires to be a catalyst for positive change by inspiring governments, businesses and individuals to support greater adoption of clean energy. As a member of 1% for the Planet and the Solar Energy Industries Association, and supporting our local Winneshiek Energy District, greenpenny knows collectively we can be a more powerful source to solving the world’s climate problem. We’re proud to come from a community with over 10 times our state’s per capita solar average, and one of the highest adoption rates in the nation. We have a proven ability to work together and do our part to develop real financial solutions that make economic sense and protect Mother Earth.

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The Story Behind greenpenny

Greenpenny is powered by Decorah Bank & Trust Co., an employee and family-owned bank located in Decorah, Iowa. Greenpenny was created to enable big change by inspiring the use of clean energy. It all began in 2000, when leaders of Decorah Bank became more concerned with providing a healthier environment for its customers and employees. Decorah Bank made energy improvements and eventually added solar PV production to all of its facilities.

As Decorah Bank evolved into an energy-responsible leader in the community, the Bank began measuring its carbon footprint in 2008. It also became a known source of financing for solar installations in Northeast Iowa. Today, Decorah maintains one of the highest amounts of solar production per capita in the United States. In 2019, as a result of further efficiency work and investment in solar production, Decorah Bank achieved carbon neutrality. Read about our environmental evolution.

With greenpenny, we want to bring our proven experience financing solar projects, operating in a carbon-neutral way, and helping to build high adoption of renewable energy usage into new markets. We can now serve a community of people around the country who are concerned with climate change and wish to support a values-based bank that will use deposits to finance clean and renewable energy projects. Money deposited in greenpenny will only be used to finance clean energy projects, starting with solar.

Greenpenny was created by earth-friendly bankers who want people to know that where they keep their money matters. It is designed to be a form of crowdfunding for the advancement of clean and renewable energy. You can contribute simply by keeping your money in a bank with values that create a more breathable planet and a better banking world. We can do this, together.

We invite you to explore all we have to offer so that together, we are stronger.

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Solar Project Financing Large and Small

Having begun financing solar projects via our parent company, Decorah Bank & Trust, nearly 20 years ago, we understand solar project financing and offer reasonable terms to help buyers make smart investments in their property. In the last couple of years, since greenpenny was born, we’ve financed over a thousand solar projects for non-profits like universities, schools and municipalities – as well as commercial enterprises, farmers and families. 

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