Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Hear from greenpenny fans.

“They have been refreshingly easy to do business with – more like a community bank rather than our current big bank, which was not helping us grow our business.”

- Anthony Fotopoulos and William DePhillipo
Co-Founders of Keystone Power Holdings, LLC

Bauer Family
Lisa Geason-Bauer and Michael Bauer

GreenCHOICE® Mortgage Customer

“I am beyond thrilled to recommend greenpenny for a home loan, especially if you are interested in addressing climate change! My husband and I recently completed a green refinance with greenpenny so that we could make our home more energy-efficient. Through our refi with greenpenny, we are able to: reseal our attic, add new insulation, add solar energy panels, and solar battery backup storage to our home. We are super excited to have been able to finance all of these renewable energies, energy-efficiency upgrades through a carbon-neutral loan and bank! The staff at greenpenny have been terrific to work with, and the process was very easy!”



Dorries Family
Jeff Dorries

Residential Solar Loan Customer

"Greenpenny was recommended by our solar installer, MW Solar Solutions, and was great to work with. Greenpenny structured our financing to accommodate the available federal and state incentive programs which resulted in no out-of-pocket costs for us to make our investment in solar. Karissa was our universal banker assigned to our loan and guided us easily through the application and documentation, utilizing available technology to make the process extremely efficient. Once our financing was set up, we were also able to access our information securely on their website and through their app, making it simple to set up automatic monthly payments to keep the ongoing administration easy as well. We signed the contract with our installer in early April and our system was up and running by the end of June, and Greenpenny was with us every step of the way!”

Keystone Power Holdings, LLC

Anthony Fotopoulos and William DePhillipo, Co-Founders

“Working with us on our credit line really incentivized us to move all our banking over to greenpenny. They have been refreshingly easy to do business with - more like a community bank rather than our current big bank, which was not helping us grow our business. Greenpenny got everything figured out with managing our accounts easily, being able to transfer between accounts, and being able to do wires safely/securely. We are excited to have greenpenny as our main bank. We would highly recommend greenpenny.”

Jackie Wagner
Jackie Wagner

greenpenny Checking Customer

"So efficient for my busy life! Everything online, quick and easy with helpful customer service. Looking forward to using more of the features greenpenny provides."

Jim Morrow
Jim Morrow

Residential Solar Loan Customer

"That’s me, on the roof. Our solar system went live early 2014. In 7 years, we have not had a single bill for electricity beyond the monthly hookup charge to the grid – which runs about $10-12. No maintenance, no issues and I have now recovered all my original investment. The cost of new solar has gone down while quality and effectiveness has gone up. Can’t imagine why any homeowner would not at least consider solar."

Peyton and Amanda
Amanda Ullom

Residential Solar Loan Customer

"When we decided to install solar panels on our home, my daughter Peyton became very excited. Born on Earth Day, she’s passionate about the environment and wants our family to do our part to protect the planet. At one time, that included asking to send the snow piles outside our home to the oceans and help cool the water for marine life! While we couldn’t ship ice, we were able to arrange solar financing through Kelly at greenpenny. The process of getting pre-approved was easy, we’re trading our monthly electrical bill for a short-term loan payment, and our new solar system is scheduled to be installed this Spring!”

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