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Greenpenny Expands its Solar System Lending Services into Missouri

June 16, 2021

Greenpenny announced the expansion of its renewable energy financing services into the state of Missouri. The move allows greenpenny to help communities in Missouri finance solar energy systems to power their homes, businesses - small and large, non-profits, and farms. 


Why Solar?  

“We know that many Missourians view renewable energy as a vital link to tackling fiscal and environmental issues,” says greenpenny V.P., Jason MacDuff. “At greenpenny, we strive to make it easy to adopt solar energy generation by offering fast, easy, and affordable financing to help buyers make smart investments in their property. Whether the appeal of solar systems is their climate stewardship, economic benefits - or both - greenpenny is here to help finance projects in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and now Missouri.”

The combination of federal tax incentives and competitive financing terms makes converting to solar through greenpenny’s lending services comparable to swapping a monthly utility bill for a solar system loan payment. Once the loan is paid in full, potential exists for meaningful savings.

“We’re committed to keeping our lending rates and terms reasonable for our borrowers,” said MacDuff.  “In this way, we hope to encourage significant solar energy adoption at an affordable cost, while providing for a more breathable planet."


Where You Bank Matters

People across the nation can also bank with virtual, carbon neutral greenpenny.  Customers enjoy competitive rates, features and experiences with greenpenny’s Checking and Savings Accounts, and CD’s. Money deposited in greenpenny is secure, earns interest, and is only used to finance renewable energy projects like solar – no fossil fuels.  Customers open accounts online and access hi-tech online and mobile banking platforms with zero ATM fees worldwide – ever! And greenpenny bankers are just a phone call away at 888-GPENNY0 (888-473-6690).

“Financing a sustainable tomorrow is the sole mission of greenpenny,” added MacDuff. “The more people with us on our mission, the more we can do our part to create a more sustainable environment together.”

For additional information on residential or commercial solar systems financing, or banking services, please visit or dial 888-GPENNY0 (888-473-6690). 



About greenpennySM

Greenpenny is a virtual and carbon-neutral bank dedicated to financing a sustainable tomorrow. Greenpenny, powered by Decorah Bank & Trust Co. in Iowa, is employee-owned and has a decades-long commitment to positive environmental practices. Visit greenpenny at or by calling 888-GPENNY0. Member FDIC.


Greenpenny Key-Points

  • From a community with one of the highest solar energy adoption rates, per capita, in the nation.
  • Residential and commercial solar financing is available in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin.
  • Deposit services are FDIC Insured and available for people across the nation. Money deposited in greenpenny is secure, earns interest, and is only used to finance renewable energy projects – no fossil fuels.
  • Customers access easy-to-use, hi-tech online and mobile banking platforms with zero ATM fees worldwide – ever. And greenpenny bankers are available at 888- GPENNY0 (888-473-6690).  
  • In the last five years, our Bank has financed hundreds of commercial and residential solar loan projects. And we would like to do a lot more!
  • We want to be a catalyst for positive change by helping people use their money as their voice for fiscal and environmental advocacy.


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